About us?

Alpha Gas is a manufacturer of domestic and industrial gas cylinders and LNG gas meters.

why choosing us?

We support Egypt's economical and community development while offering environmental protection and pollution-prevention policies.


The production method for producing all types of cylinders are essentially the same. There are two types of cylinders. One is called the 30 L, which is composed of two pieces: the top and bottom shells. The other form of cylinder type is the 60 L, which is made from three pieces: a top, bottom and middle part.  The utmost care is taken in production to reduce the environmental impact on the area around the manufacturing plants.

The collards and base rings are manufactured in the AlphaGas plant in a separate production line. The steel for making the shells, collars and base rings for all types of cylinders comes in the form of coils; for the middle section parts of 60 L cylinders, in the form of plates. The sequence of operations of cylinders collards and base rings are described in the technical division process.