Siwa For land Reclamation and Agriculture

Siwa For land Reclamation

The goal of Siwa is to reclaim, revive and nourish desert land to develop fertile, rich soil for agriculture in the lands of the West Desert, Nubaria, and the west coast of Alexandria while being sensitive to conserving natural resources and considering environmental impact in all decision-making.

Reclaiming and developing the land to become a residential and agricultural resort.

The planned resort converts pieces of land into villas surrounded by agricultural land that is cultivated with various indigenous crops.

According to the resort management program, the owner utilizes these crops for benefit of his family. Residents of the resort are also offered several distinguished services.

By undertaking the necessary technical and feasibility studies, Siwa plans to reclaim and develop the land to produce crops and other products essential for export. It takes at least three years for the area to achieve tangible results from the export perspective.