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Chemicals & Related Products to the Car Industry

We are currently serving more than 50 service stations located throughout the Egyptian market.

Sadat Marine offers the supply of steady material through the coordination between material requested by customers and imported materials through collective orders from its different principals.

Furthermore, we offer technical support and counsel to customers in the Egyptian market through our competent and experienced engineers and sales teams who are capable of dealing with any size company and catering to the unique needs of each customer. We also offer door to door services. Our personnel is comprised of well-trained, proficient engineers and a sales team that covers and promotes the following activities:

  • Bonding and sealing
  • Underbody coating and corrosion protection
  • Sound dampening and deadening materials
  • Anti – freezing and cooling fluids
  • Break fluids
  • Anti – fluttering materials

Dow Automotive

Becchis Osiride


Dow Automotive
Sadat Marine is an agency representative to Dow Chemical Automotive, where we distribute these product materials in the Egyptian Market. We are also an agent and distributor for international contracts, in which we market, import and distribute its products. The chemical itself is imported and distributed by Sadat Marine and sold in the market.

Dow is a leading supplier of:

  • plastics
  • adhesives
  • sealants
  • vehicle structure enhancements
  • acoustical management materials
  • films
  • fluids for the global automotive industry

Dow products serve the bus, truck, rail (BTR) sectors, and the aftermarket customer. A diverse group of clients can be catered to through Dow’s individual attention to the unique needs of each consumer, from the individual to the large company.         

The technology and material-enabled solutions are designated for automotive:

  • interiors
  • exteriors
  • power train
  • vehicle structural enhancements
  • acoustic management
  • emissions control
  • aftermarket applications

  Dow’s advanced capabilities combine design, engineering and material science skills to deliver solutions that best meet performance, weight, environmental impact and cost requirements that satisfy both current and future vehicle needs.

  Sadat Marine has been cooperating with Dow in Egypt since 1994 by supplying chemicals and related products to the automotive industry. Shipping and trade are the primary activities of the company.

  Essex Specialty Products, Inc., is an entirely owned subsidiary of TDCC, which was integrated into the Dow Automotive organization. In 2001, Dow Automotive acquired Gurit-Essex AG and its business groups, which has been prominently serving the automotive industry since 1960 and is a leading advocate for caring for the environment while making excellent business decisions.

Essex Specialty Products, Inc., is an entirely owned subsidiary of TDCC, which was integrated into the Dow Automotive organization. In 2001, Dow Automotive acquired Gurit-Essex AG and its business groups, which has been prominently serving the automotive industry since 1960 and is a leading advocate for caring for the environment while making excellent business decisions.



Revocoat is a new company formed by European investors and led by Katzberg Invest AG, to incorporate the sealer and damper business of Dow Automotive in Europe, India, Middle East, and Africa (IMEA) in cooperation with Sadat Marine.

This acquisition included the eco-conscious manufacturing facility and the R&D lab in St. Just, France, the manufacturing facility in Camarma, Spain, and Dow's participation in Anabond-Essex in Chennai, India.

Completion of the transaction ensured that the diverse customer base could continue to operate their businesses smoothly.


Becchis Osiride Srl

Founded by Becchis Osiride in 1906, Becchis Osiride Srl is a leading enterprise among the European producers of bitumen-based insulating and damping materials. At its conception, the firm was among the 60 foundational companies for the Industrial Union of Turin, which marked its active role in the development of the city and the region. In 1985, the environmentally friendly company became part of the Fulcheri Group. Since then, the two families have been running the consolidated company.

In the battle against noise, the evolution of “green” acoustic insulation products, together with the more demanding customer requirements, has led Becchis Osiride Srl to widen and transform bitumen laminates production into a series of customized acoustic solutions, suitably formulated for the new industrial technologies, and always conscious of the European standard on acoustics. Becchis Osiride is committed to working with individuals and businesses to meet all the needs of each different client.

Becchis Osiride product portfolio is divided into four main families:

•        Damping materials
•        Heavy mass for acoustic insulation
•        Materials for airborne noise absorption
•        Double layer materials for noise absorption and acoustic insulation



Tecno-Tau was founded in 1999 as a company specializing in industrial software in cooperation with Sadat Marine.

Tecno-Tau developed its activity in two business lines including software engineering and control cabinets assembled for machinery manufacturers and turnkey projects.

In 2006, Aggrego, S.L., an investment company with experience in the market as a main shareholder of Perfiltek, a manufacturer of conveyors and assembly lines, is a principal shareholder and contributed the necessary resources to finance the growth of the company and the leadership of the project.

The next year, Tecno-Tau integrated the Dimatec System AG company, and added key staff, who had previously established developed the Dimatec product and technology in a Reus engineering company with the goal of running a “green” company.

Tecno-Tau created a new division located in a technical center in Torredembarra, Spain. This new division specializes in adhesive application equipments and is developing a wide international network of distributors and integrators.


ASM Dimatec

In the last 25 years, ASM, headquartered in Germany since 2007, has positioned itself as a cutting-edge company in the applications of advanced technology in the field of automated machinery for the automobile and aerospace industries.

Working with Sadat Marine, ASM uses the latest and most innovative technologies to provide the highest environmental and business standards to its customers. Its strength lies in its ability to provide a comprehensive service that offers the most outstanding price-quality ratio.

ASM not only competes at European level, but also in the American and the Asian markets. ASM Dimatec currently runs six overseas subsidiaries in Great Britain, Germany, France, China and Brazil.

ASM Dimatec’s main activities are:

  • Automation of manufacturing processes and the manufacturing of special machines
  • Systems for the application of adhesive and jointing compounds
  • Planning, design, assembly and start-up procedures at customer sites
  • Maintenance, service and replacement part supply

Within the customer service department, different ranges of services are offered, from the sale of replacement parts to technical consultation to emergency deliveries of heat resistant hoses. Employees are specially trained to work with any size client and a diverse customer base.

Product Range:

  • Handles and assembles units used in the automotive industry
  • Automated stamping
  • Stamping, destacker
  • Welding units
  • Adhesive applications