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Sadat Marine works as partners with the following companies:


Archimedes, Ltd.

Archimedes, Ltd., is an international independent consulting company, that works in the fields of civil engineering, building technology, environment, urban development and land planning.

Archimedes, in partnership with Sadat Marine,  applies new and innovative approaches and specific, environmentally responsible techniques to the interpretation of high-resolution aeromagnetic data, which differentiates it in the industry. The head office is located in Adelaide, Australia, with additional satellite offices in Dubai and Cairo.

Archimedes specializes in “green” advanced processing and analysis and interpretation of the Earth's magnetic and gravitational fields with the specific purpose of aiding petroleum and mineral exploration specialized in the following:

•        Provides world class processing and interpretation of high-resolution aeromagnetic and gravity data.
•        Interprets aeromagnetic data over sedimentary basins in petroleum exploration
•        Studies deep crustal magnetics in defining exploration targets for gold and minerals explorers
•        Applies new methods and techniques to the interpretation of high resolution aeromagnetic data, making full use of all the high quality digital magnetic data by using automatic and semi-automatic computer methods.
•        Uses Energy Spectral Analysis (ESA) method with related filtering and required transformations applied to aeromagnetic grid data, and the Automatic Curve Matching (ACM) method applied to the original flight-line data and profile data extracted from a grid in east-west, north-south, northwest and northeast directions
•        Provides a comprehensive array of expertise in sedimentary basin studies to detect magnetic horizons, fault and fracture patterns within the sedimentary section.
•        Conducts extensive research on the application of potential field data to hydrocarbon exploration and deep crustal studies.


Typsa Group

Typsa Group, a partner of Sadat Marine, is a leading company participating in the development of all types of infrastructure and equipment with great level of expertise and diversification, and a commitment to working toward “green” offices. It covers the full range of services required throughout its field:

•        Technical and economic and statistical reports and studies
•        Engineering design covering all projects phases
•        Works supervision and management
•        Quality control
•        Integral construction management
•        Operation and maintenance management
•        Training and institutional strengthening
•        Technology consultation
•        Systems engineering
•        Information technologies
•        Innovative management
•        Materials and environmental control laboratories


The EDP Group

The EDP Group is a major shareholder in EDP Renováveis. The EDP Group is Portugal’s largest industrial group and one of Europe’s main energy companies, and works in partnership with Sadat Marine. EDP Renováveis is a world leader in the renewable energy sector. It represents the world's fourth largest wind energy company and is currently the Iberian Peninsula’s third largest energy operator, holding business interests in the generation, distribution and supply of electricity and gas in Portugal and in Spain. EDP Group also holds a significant position in the Brazilian electricity sector.

This growth is the result of an extraordinary capacity to implement projects and to smoothly integrate the companies acquired, principally due to their prospects and the fact that they possess a stable regulatory structure that permits profit generation.


AKO Holding

AKO Holding, with headquarters in United Arab Emirates, plays a dynamic role based on carefully calculated investments and projects. The company is firmly connected to a net of active and widely known partners in the world’s leading hubs and is committed to eco-friendly practices.

As a partner of Sadat Marine, AKO Holding invests in different corporations and demonstrates expertise and innovation with very effective solutions which are carried out through its subsidiaries:

   •        EMIRTEX Aviation Services: aircraft trading, requirements for private jets and helicopters, aircraft leasing and licensing, maintenance, fuel purchasing, representation aviation companies, cargo and passenger transportation
•        Quality Energy Petro Holding International Ltd: design, engineering, construction and operation of refineries and petrochemical plants, formation of joint ventures, exploration and drilling
•        Spectrum Motor Club: members experience the luxury and quality of eight different cars of the most extravagant and special models by the world’s elite in automotive industry
•        Spectrum Financial Investment: brokerage, portfolio management, fund management, corporate finance, etc
•        Spectrum Properties & Real Estate: plans and develops housing, and invests in different projects
•        Spectrum Commercial Services: introduction to new markets and IT project developments 
•        Spectrum Travel & Tourism: Establishes and operates tourist facilities
•        Spectrum Car Design and Engineering: the first of its kind in the Middle East
•        Spectrum Media: covers marketing and advertising campaigns and exhibition organizations
•        Spectrum Petroleum Services: established for the purpose of design, engineering, construction and operation of a refinery of 250,000 barrel capacity and petrochemical complexes, as well as exploration of proven oil fields in the UAE

Presenting Altergy Systems - Changing the Way the World Gets its Power

Altergy, a Sadat Marine partner, designs and manufactures proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells in system known as Altergy Freedom Power. Altergy Freedom Power is a fully integrated, high efficiency fuel cell system that generates power at the point of use and used as a clean and green alternative for batteries and generators, which can be used by telecommunications, data centers, and other critical power applications no matter what the size of the company.  The power is generated using a minimum of natural resources and a commitment to reducing environmental impact.