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Sadat Marine’s extensive network of associates and agents on both the national and international fronts facilitate further support for Sadat Marine to achieve its targets efficiently and dependably.

We offer our customers several varieties of logistic activities and handle various types of Cargo (Lcl, Fcl) for both export and import purposes. Sadat Marine is unlimited to any carrier or service in order to serve all clients, from a small office to an international company.

In addition to ongoing contracts with major natural gas companies, Sadat Marine recently handled the consignments of Egyptian Electricity Project in Fayoum, Quesna, and Sid Salem.

Sadat Marine operates as a freight forwarding agent, handling major gas and oil projects for the following local organizations:

•        Egypt Gas
•        Natgas         
•        Town Gas        
•        Car Gas         
•        City Gas
•        House Gas
•        Pharonic Gas