Successful ship management depends upon competent crews and personnel, up-to-date systems, and reliable equipment. Sadat Transport provides cost-effective ship management services which meet the highest possible international standards and cater to both individual needs and the more complex needs of corporations. We provide worldwide ship management services for large and small scale companies, tailoring each agreement to specific client needs.

Sadat Transport’s oil tanker management and ship management department has the expertise to make your shipping business run smoothly and efficiently. One key to success in the international marketplace is increasing your company’s business profitability and return-on-investment (ROI). We are well-versed in the regulatory and legislative issues that must be met at every harbor and port. We measure, track and analyze all costs and functional factors, allowing us to react immediately to situations that require extra attention. After all, we invest in people.

Sadat is committed to protecting the environment and is ISO 9001 certified, which denotes that Sadat Marine has met a number of requirements needed to achieve customer satisfaction through consistent products and services which meet customer expectations. It includes a requirement for the continual improvement of a quality management system, which Sadat Marine takes very seriously.

"We see every task as a challenge and always look for ways to improve our clients’ businesses. To run a successful ship management company it is important to have both a deep understanding of the business, and a pragmatic hands-on approach. Without my vast experience in various positions in the shipping industry many solutions would not have been possible.”

Hassan Youssef, Chartering Manager