Future Gas serves on a wide range of activities including: Engineering, constructing, managing, operating and maintaining gas transmission and distribution lines.

Gas Distribution

Future Gas develops and operates natural gas distribution networks through concessions in Egyptian governorates.

Distribution Services

- Technical operation & maintenance for pressure reduction stations,
- Technical operation & maintenance for high pressure transmission pipelines,
- Technical operation & maintenance for medium and low pressure distribution networks.
- Concession operation & maintenance in residential cities and industrial zones.
- industrial technical assistance
- Gas marketing.
- 24 hour emergency services

Engineering Services

- Process design for gas pipeline, covering engineering and installation,
- Process design for a security skeleton, and the optimization of pipeline structure,
- Around the clock maintenance and support services.
- Engineering and consultancy services through affiliated partners.
- Market studies and gas strategic planning through our in-house strategic planning department.

Construction Services:

- Pipeline construction services
- installations of high pressure and medium pressure pipelines
- Installation of low pressure polyethylene networks across all three sectors: residential, commercial and industrial.
- Project contracts covering production, assembling and installation of pressure reduction
- Conversion of appliances across all three sectors.