Invests in real estate and tourism opportunities for prominent companies, especially on the popular Sinai Peninsula.

why choosing us?

We hold a prominent role in Egypt's tourism and development while implementing the best available environmental practices.


Our premier resort. Located on the Sinai Peninsula, it is nestled on a beautiful plateau overlooking the intricate corals of the Red Sea.


A project still in the development phase: Siwa Resort & Spa

Siwa Resort & Spa is a sumptuous 100-room resort located in the heart of Egypt's Western Desert in one of the region’s most beautiful spots.  "Siwa Oasis" is famous for its dates and olives, and is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Egypt.  The resort design is keeping in line with the lush environment surrounding the area, giving the individual or group an authentic and natural experience while staying on the grounds.

On- and off-road expeditions are available all over the western desert based on guest interest with staff well-trained in the use of 4x4 vehicles, maps, GPS and satellite communication.   Our staff also considers environmental impact and keeps trips green-friendly.

The health club and spa is distinguished by its Turkish baths, relaxation areas, beauty and health treatment areas, massage room and fitness area.

The resort is specially equipped with superior body cleansing saunas and therapeutic sand treatment areas.