CSR statement

Sadat Group enhances its corporate governance policies to aid in fulfillment of its corporate social responsibilities. Our corporate governance policies adapt to maintain a high level of management transparency by sharing with our stakeholders Sadat Group’s company goals and guidelines.  Our guidelines for management responsibilities continue earning the trust of our stakeholders.

Guided by our company vision, Sadat Group seeks to contribute to sustainable social development to its local community. At Sadat Group we seek to deliver value to our stakeholders in alliance with humanitarian, educational, and environmental organizations.

We believe in order to accomplish our vision; we must conduct our business to align company growth and sustainable social development. To do so, we must strengthen trust with business partners, and stake holders.

Our management endorses a company policy aimed to improve our quality of management by strengthening communication between management and employees to cultivate unity, and team-spirit among Sadat Group personnel.

The Sadat Groups corporate culture demands high ethical standards of all employees, and exerts efforts strengthening information security.

Sadat Group gives back and supports its local community by focusing on providing humanitarian aid, education support, and environmental care. Our contributions and activities are facilitated by working together with NPO’s, NGO’s, And through our Etmana Foundation.  

We strive to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders while achieving company growth.

Our annual CSR scorecard is a fundamental tool for measuring our progress.