About us?

Alpha Gas is a manufacturer of domestic and industrial gas cylinders and LNG gas meters.

why choosing us?

We support Egypt's economical and community development while offering environmental protection and pollution-prevention policies.

Alpha Gas - component of Sadat Group

AlphaGas manufactures domestic and industrial gas cylinders (LPG) and its auxiliaries within Egyptian Standards.  Our annual production is approximately 600,000 cylinders. We also manufacture gas valves in an environmentally friendly way and industrial regulators necessary for gas lines and gas meters. On average, our yearly production is 250,000 to 300,000 gas meters.

As a strong part of the local Egyptian industry, AlphaGas is key in promoting the country's economical and community development by satisfying the desire for a better standard of living. Most importantly, we apply quality ISO 9001 certified environmental protection and pollution-prevention manufacturing with all clients in mind, from the private homeowner to the large corporation.