About us?

Alpha Gas is a manufacturer of domestic and industrial gas cylinders and LNG gas meters.

why choosing us?

We support Egypt's economical and community development while offering environmental protection and pollution-prevention policies.

Technical Data and Information

There are three main technical divisions within AlphaGas:

  1. Production Division
    1. Metal Division
      1. Collar fabrication
        • Embossing, Pericing, and Cutting
        • Rolling
        • Forming
      2. Base Fabrication
        • Piercing and cutting
        • Rolling
        • Welding of joint
        • Forming
      3. Middle Parts Fabrication
        • Cutting
        • Rolling
      4. Top and bottom Shells
        • Blanking
        • Drawing
        • Trimming of top shells
        • Punching valve neck hole of top shells
        • Trimming and beading of bottoms shells
    2. Welding division
        • Degreasing all parts
        • Automatic welding of valve necks to top shells
        • Automatic welding of collars to tops shells
        • Automatic welding of long seam for middle parts
        • Pre-assembly of top and bottom shells and middle parts
        • Automatic circumferential seam-welding
    3. Finishing division
        • Heat treatment
        • Hydro-test
        • Shot blast
        • Paint with electro static powder
        • Clean valve necks threads
        • Stamp test dare and tare weight
        • Valve inserting
        • Leak test

          after this process cylinders are ready for delivery to the customer

  2. Control Division
  3. Maintenance Division