Microfinance and Self Employment Programs

Micro-finance offers the underprivileged Egyptian loans, savings, and other necessary financial services. Most financial institutions will not loan the poor as they are not considered creditworthy, the result is hard working, but relatively poor entrepreneurs find themselves forced to deal with loan and money sharks.

Affordable Financial Services Programs

Financial Services for the Empowerment of Women Program

How Micro-Finance works:

Micro-finance helps local Entrepreneurship to flourish, and helps increase the level of income for poor families by creating opportunities for self employment.

This is accomplished via affordable financial services (direct loans) which will allow them to establish microenterprises. This will be accompanied by capacity building training (feasibility study, how to market, financial management, managing loans portfolio, risk management) in order to develop their skills.

Self Employment Program

Etmana sponsors Job Skills training Classes for the underprivileged , which aims to help individuals learn a skill to earn stable income and break out of the poverty cycle and improve their quality of life.

Job Skills Training focuses on vocational training workshops. Job Training Classes include: Sewing, Carpentry, Plumbing, Crafting etc, in addition to field training in growth sectors for the age suitable underprivileged.

How Training Programs for Adults work: