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Inspection Services for Oil, Gas, and Chemical Supply

Through one of its sister companies, Sadat Marine has offered inspection for major international oil and chemical companies, suppliers, traders, pipelines, owners, and refineries since 1978.

We conduct a reliable quality management system in accordance with requirements of ISO 9002, which ensures a quality care program is in place,  and with insurance policies exceeding 20 million USD, which covers professional indemnity and liabilities.

Sadat Marine proudly upholds a reputable standard and respectable name in this field.

Our Service Specialization specifically covers:

•     Quantity control
•     Custody transfer inspection
•     Quality control
•     Laboratory services
•     Calibration
•     Sampling and packaging
•     Automatic sampling

The average inspection amounts to 61,000,000 M/T/Annum of crude oil, naphtha, fuel oil, gas oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, LPG, slack wax and natural gas.  Inspections are done with the latest cutting-edge technology to keep the process eco-friendly.

Sadat Marine is a proud member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), an additional guarantee and measure of our reliability.